Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Everglades Safarie Park,Miami

We arived at the park and went into an alligator show. A brief show explaining about how to behave around these beasts. Most of the park was fenced to keep you away from them. But there were areas that were not. Venturing off the trial not a good idea. We met Snappy the baby alligator of about 3 years old I beleive he said. What a cute. So when the oportunity arose afterwards to hold Snappy. I couldn not resist. He was heavy for his size and pure muscle. I was asked not to get to close to his face. No problem there. He seemed quite happy to be held and smiled for his photo. I have held boa's in Belize,had a sea lion way bigger than I give me a BIG hug and kiss( that was interesting) in Cuba. Now I have held a baby Alligator. I am wondering what will be next. Loved every min. of every one of them!! Inside the building on our way to the alligator show we had some interesting viewing. Here are a few baby turtles. Hard to see them to well as they were behind rather moist glass.