Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Trip Itinerary for MSC Poesia Cruise

We stayed in Miami at Best Western By The Bay overnight. Then off to Ft. Lauderdale to Port of Everglades and took the MSC Poesia. Our voyage took us to Key West, day at sea, Ocho Rio's Jamaica, Grand Caymen Island and last stop Cozumel, Mexico, day at sea and back to Ft. Lauderdale where we took an excursion to the Miami's Everglades Safari Park. Back to the motel for a night and homeward bound. Key West was amazing for shopping and beautifully colored buildings. Key West is a bird sanctuary. All birds are protected. Thier chickens are also protected. No one messes with the chickens or roosters. And the rooters are very vocal indeed. Ocho Rio's,Jamaica was amazing for thier beautiful waterfalls. We saw an amazing hummingbird cruise by at the Dunn's Falls but couldn't get a photo of it. I haven't been able to ID it yet. But it was dark with a very long tail. Stunning bird. Grand Caymen had beautiful flowers and butterflies,lots of birds,some I know from home and others I need to ID, and the endangered blue iguanas that we were lucky to see 3. Beautiful creatures. Cozumel,Mexico we visited the Mayan Ruins which was full of history, very interesting how they used to live. The were very clever people. We also had a quick visit to one of their beaches, and got to shop a bit. Our last day was at sea & was cloudy and very rough. A lot of rockin and rollin. Perfect day for packing up! And we got rocked to sleep that night. Beautiful ship. Polished,sparkling everywhere,a lot of hard work goes into keeping that shine. Fantastic food and the service was amazing. Highly recommended. When we wqere in at the different ports or anchored out ,that is when the crew did the cleaning of the ships outside to get rid of all that ocean salt. The work never stops on a ship. Our adventure in the Everglades Safari Park was exciting. We did the airboat ride and saw a lot of alligators in the wild and birds of all sorts. Weather was fantastic. A perfect ending to a perfect vacation.